How Creaform challenged traditional ideas and reinvented metrology

Vijay Gandhi

Platform Lead - Wear Monitoring & Technology Solutions


Bradken has always been an early adopter of new technology, implementing solutions to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our products. So finding quick and accurate 3D scanners was essential to provide our engineering and quality assurance teams with efficient and precise data information that could be used to validate and improve our products.

“The HandySCAN 3D is one of the most effective pieces of equipment on the market for producing high accuracy and quality 3D meshes.”

We remember being amazed during the first demo of the HandySCAN 3D. As they were moving the casting during scanning, it did not even impact the scan results. At that time, this was really a ‘mind blown’ moment because fixed arms required keeping the part perfectly still.

Partnership with the industry leader in 3D digital inspection

With the introduction of Creaform’s portable 3D scanning devices, we were now able to scan our massive parts in detail without moving them, archive 3D scans, and reexamine them for product investigation or continuous improvement months and years after.

Never stop innovating
Never stop innovating

The technology that changed everything for us

The introduction of scanning technology has seen impacts across our product lines and continues to provide speed and accuracy for our business as we expand globally. The challenge we took to integrate this technology into our business has paid off. The visual output from the scanner encourages collaboration and enables our experts to have a global reach in assisting our customers and assessing products at customer sites.

The investment that has paid off many times over

We now have several Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D. They have become critical tools for us to provide our customers with the products and services they expect. A great example of Bradken taking a risk on technology and it paying us back many times over.

Never stop innovating
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Be a part of the next chapter


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