How Creaform Educational 3D Scanners Fits Right in

Lennon Rodgers

Makerspace Director

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Launched a few years ago, the Makerspace is a Design and Innovation Lab at the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where students can learn about different technologies in a very hands-on way.

3D scanning is highly relevant to teach engineering students. The relevance is so important because students will be using it when they graduate as engineers. We really wanted students to be able to take something in the physical world and bring it into the digital world for inspection or modifications.

Never stop innovating
Never stop innovating
Never stop innovating

The value of simplicity and user-friendliness for students

When looking for which 3D scanner to buy, our most important requirements were that the chosen technology be really easy for the students to use as well as very mobile. Since the 3D technology would be mostly handled by students, it had to be very simple and user-friendly!

The Creaform Educational Solution: an essential engineering education tool

The Makerspace is now fitted with a Creaform educational scanner, which set itself apart from the competition due to its portability, resolution, speed of use, ease of using software, and industry standard hardware.

“Actually, the team found that the portability and resolution required could ONLY be found with Creaform products.”

Never stop innovating

There is no limit when it comes to 3D scanning

The crew has collaborated with an IndyCar team and used the Creaform HandySCAN 3D to digitize a few carbon fibre parts. The 3D scanning process was performed in a cramped trailer—but this is exactly where one of the most remarkable features of the HandySCAN 3D can really shine: the scanner can be used anywhere and generates accurate, repeatable results regardless of space constraints and surrounding environment.

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