How investing in Creaform drove company-wide operational excellence

Dash Tahiraj

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Consolidated Precision Products (CPP)

CPP works to earn market shares in the most advanced aerospace, defense, and industrial gas turbine applications. This is why the scanning department decided to invest in Creaform’s automated cutting-edge technology, the CUBE-R robot cell.

The CUBE-R gave us the ability to scan various casting sizes accurately and capture all surface data simultaneously, even on the most complex, convoluted surfaces. The nature of our casting scanning process requires accurate measurements and speed. Therefore, the scanning process could have been extremely difficult without the Creaform 3D scanners.

The most viable solution to contribute to our company’s advancement

The scanning department chose Creaform’s automated 3D scanning measuring machine as the most viable solution to fulfill our technological criteria and contribute to our company’s advancement. Their application engineers have helped our company program multiple parts on the CUBE-R. Their ability to simplify and explain the scanning and automation processes has been a great help for us.

“Creaform’s expertise is A+, and their services are always on time when troubleshooting and providing prompt responses to our questions.”

Never stop innovating
Never stop innovating
Never stop innovating
Never stop innovating

The way to increase both productivity and product quality

Our quality and productivity issues could only be solved with an automated quality control solution designed for at-line inspection. We knew that companies who integrate high-productivity industrial measuring cells designed for shop floor conditions obtain more scalable, repeatable production workflows that ensure their leading position in the market.

With Creaform’s automated 3D scanning solution that is integrated into the manufacturing process, we can now measure castings quickly and accurately (regardless of shape complexity), monitor the measurement deviations, and explain the tendencies to customers.

Never stop innovating
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