Never stop innovating.

Twenty years ago, Creaform was born out of the need to change the status quo. We ventured where nobody else had yet dared to tread, by creating bold, disruptive dimensional measurement solutions. Today, we continue to redefine the boundaries of 3D metrology and engineering services by constantly pushing back the limits of innovation.

We are leaders in 3D scanning technology


Technological Leadership & Vision

Almost 20 years ago, in Canada, Creaform invented the handheld 3D laser scanner. We have perfected this technology ever since (triangulated mesh outputs, capacity to scan reflective surfaces, reinvented industrial photogrammetry, multiple laser lines scans, etc.) and are still, to this day, leaders in handheld 3D scanning solutions. Hence our motto – Never Stop Innovating.


Unmatched Dynamic Tracking

Call it Dynamic Tracking, Self-Positioning or Auto-Referencing. No matter what you call it, powerful algorithms developed over the last 20 years by Creaform allow for accurate and rigorous scanning of any objects whether in a lab, on the shop floor or in the field (up to 25 microns VDI/VDE 2634 part 3). There is no comparison on the market!



These two powerful words imply a thousand things. To us, it means offering measurement peace of mind to our customers, characterized by many things, such as extensive product acceptance tests, maintaining in-house ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory, ISO 9001 accreditation, as well as access to a large team of application engineers and technical support specialists.


Vibrant, Intuitive and Award-Winning Designs.

In addition to striving for optimum ergonomics and impeccable aesthetics, we constantly challenge and test each aspect of our new product’s design to exceed our users’ evolving needs. Recognized by Red Dot, IDEA, Good Design, etc., our designs have often been tentatively copied. They say copy is the greatest form of flattery, but beware… Only a Creaform is a Creaform.


Ease of Use & Portability

We listen to our customers. A lot. And because of all the interactions we have with them, we are able to create powerful, yet easy to learn, easy to use and easy to set up metrology-grade 3D measurement devices and application software meant to simplify their workflows and designed to be used regardless of the work environment and level of expertise.

Powerful Innovation that Helps Solve the Industry’s Most Complex Measurement Challenges

Thanks to our scanners’ legendary portability, proven ease of use, powerful dynamic referencing algorithms and the metrology-grade attribute of its dimensional measurement devices, Creaform brings impressive measurement capability out of metrology labs and enables manufacturers around the world to accurately measure anything, anywhere.

We have allowed the industry to thrive with the following technological and operational achievements:

Enhanced, Safer and More Robust Designs

Never stop innovating

Starting with accurate 3D measurements is crucial to a successful design phase. With Creaform’s technology, designers and engineers can create 3D models from existing parts in less time and get a perfect fit for retrofitting parts the first time.

More importantly, Creaform’s advancements in 3D scanning have solidified the foundation on which designers and engineers can build and improve their designs—instead of starting from scratch—giving them the means to conceive complex geometries, modern shapes, and organic surfaces.

Shorten Product Development and Accelerate Time to Market

Never stop innovating

Because every step of the product development process is done correctly the first time the concept-to-market timeline is faster, easier, and more efficient. The portable, plug-and-play scanning devices are accessible to any user, regardless of their level of expertise in 3D scanning.

Improved Manufacturing Process

Never stop innovating

With Creaform’s cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, possibilities are now limitless.

Users have the ability to 3D scan any type of part, regardless of size, shape, geometry, surface finish, or material. They also have the flexibility to leave the QC lab and go anywhere on the production floor to perform dimensional measurements. Thanks to dynamic referencing, Creaform scanners are engineered to measure parts in shop-floor conditions while preserving part alignment and securing measurement accuracy. This efficiency gain allows for adding intermediate measurement steps, which lead to improved manufacturing and better quality.

Better Collaboration Among Colleagues, Suppliers, and Customers

Never stop innovating

Using Creaform’s patented metrology-grade 3D scanners increases the confidence level in measurements, strengthening the relationship among colleagues, suppliers, and customers.

3D scan models help teams to collaborate, understand issues, and explain designs—all remotely—by sharing accurate annotated 3D model files. Engineering, production, and quality teams can use the 3D scanning tool to ensure seamless communication with each other throughout the entire manufacturing process. Because measurement deviation is monitored and reports can be stored and shared, they are available for suppliers and customers in real time.

This access to trusted 3D data is a major asset to fortify collaboration among stakeholders.

Optimal Maintenance and Repair Assessment

Never stop innovating

Portable 3D scanners increase engineers' and technicians’ proficiency to go on-site and scan parts in order to obtain a global quality and integrity assessment.

Creaform provides detailed, traceable and repeatable results that are essential to ensuring the integrity of parts, equipment, and infrastructure. Only with these trusted measurements can manufacturers characterize defects, monitor deviations, and observe tendencies.

With Creaform’s reliable and accurate measuring tools, manufacturers can take the necessary corrective actions to maintain or restore the parts or tooling to their proper working conditions.

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